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Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH), Greece
Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas
Role: FORTH is the coordinator of the project. Moreover, FORTH will provide the Kinect 3D hand tracking and the Antivirus applications. FORTH will contribute significantly in the final integration and evaluation of the platform where the developed applications will be used. Finally, FORTH will also be involved in the Acceleration Server, due to its long experience in runtime systems, without requesting resources from the project.
Key Personel: Iakovos Mavroidis, Antonis Argyros, Sotiris Ioannidis

Sapienza University of Rome (UROME), Italy
Sapienza University of Rome
Role: UROME (with the help of SILO) will develop the Design Space Exploration engine; it will also develop the Dispatch and Fetch engines, which are responsible for transferring the data and code remotely; it will implement the registration process; it will implement the security extensions of the RAPID infrastructure; it will develop the Acceleration Client Library, which will provide several performance and energy optimizations; it will implement the Acceleration Compiler, which will offer a source-to-source compilation platform.
Key Personel: Alessandro Mei, Pan Hui, and Sokol Kosta

Atos Spain S.A. (ATOS), Spain
Atos Spain S.A.
Role: Atos will mainly be involved in WP6 (Acceleration Server), WP7 (Accelerator Infrastructures) and WP8 (Dissemination and Exploitation).
Key Personel: Lara Lopez and Sergio Garcia

Queen's University Belfast (QUB), United Kingdom
Queen's University Belfast
Role: QUB will mostly work on the core functionality of the Acceleration Server. QUB will focus on the task scheduler and the execution environment of the accelerator as well as the quality of service support. Moreover, QUB will also be involved in the specification of the Acceleration Server, and the integration and the evaluation of the system.
Key Personel: Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos and Ivor Spence

Herta Security S.L. (HERTA), Spain
Herta Security S.L.
Role: Herta Security will mainly be involved in the application and evaluation of the RAPID framework, which includes porting the two considered applications to the RAPID platform. Herta will provide its state-of-the-art BioSurveillance multiple face recognition software and port it on the RAPID framework following the RAPID specifications and programming model.
Key Personel: Javier Rodriguez Saeta and Carles Fernandez Tena

SingularLogic S.A. (SILO), Greece
SingularLogic S.A.
Role: SingularLogic will be mainly involved in the RAPID cloud infrastructures. In particular, SingulatLogic will develop the design space exploration tool with UROME. It will be one of the main contributors of WP6 providing several accelerator infrastructures. SILO will also connect the RAPID cloud prototype to its public cloud in order to provide the first public RAPID acceleration service.
Key Personel: Stelios Pantelopoulos and Kostas Kalaboukas

University of Naples Parthenope (UNP), Italy
University of Naples Parthenope
Role: UNP's main contribution will be in the accelerator infrastructures. UNP will work on the acceleration engine providing GPU support in the RAPID cloud. Moreover, UNP will focus on the performance, elasticity and scalability aspects of the cloud.
Key Personel: Giulio Giunta and Raffaele Montella
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Iakovos Mavroidis

Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH)

Institute of Computer Science (ICS)

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Heraklion, GR-70013, Greece

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